Entanglements (aka it’s complicated)

A diagram illustration 4 models of entangled pedagogy. The first is that Tech drives pedagogy, the second is that pedagogy drives tech. These are both illusions. The third is that there is a mutual shaping of purpose, context, values, methods, and tech. This is viewed as the actual state of things. Finally, there is an aspirational model where purpose, context, and values are emphasised over methods and technology.
An entangled pedagogy, including an aspirational view (Fawns, 2022)

The negotiation of agency and the emergent outcomes produced through such complex entanglements suggest a need for trusting partnerships through which teachers, students and others can collaborate in educational activity. At course level, this may require teachers to embrace uncertainty, imperfection, openness and honesty, and to help students make sense of what is learned during a course, what must still be learned afterwards and how to go about it (Fawns et al. 2022; Fawns et al. 2021d). This is challenging, and teachers need support to continue their own learning. Clarifying purposes, contexts and values, and reconciling these with decisions about technology and methods, is easier when educators have expertise, discretion and confidence in the local culture and infrastructure which are, in turn, rooted in the institution’s valuing of educational expertise and pedagogy (Fawns et al. 2021c).

Fawns, T. An Entangled Pedagogy: Looking Beyond the Pedagogy—Technology Dichotomy. Postdigit Sci Educ (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s42438-022-00302-7