Platforms as Capacity

Trubox – home platform German 1111 Learn Secwepemctsín Online Knowledge Makers iterating with Engaging with Indigenous Research (under construction) CAISSIE: Critical Analysis of Images, Site Seeing, Imaging, Examining – utilizing SPLOT approach BIOL 1594 Lab Review You Got This! A podcast platform (using Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin). We also provide resources and a Podcast Masterclass. […]

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Why platforms are important

“…digital platforms as key educational devices in the governing of education, deploying a nuanced sensitivity towards mobility, enactment, patterning, paradoxes and the generation of different potentialities.” Decuypere, Mathias, Emiliano Grimaldi, and Paolo Landri. “Introduction: Critical Studies of Digital Education Platforms.” Critical Studies in Education 62, no. 1 (January 1, 2021): 1–16. …the practice of […]

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The Platform Cooperative

“The most valuable networks, however, are those that facilitate group affiliations to pursue shared goals—which is to say, networks that are treated like commons … First, platforms are us: Platforms aren’t just software applications and the companies that administer them. What gives a platform value, in most cases, is the community of users that employ […]

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Entanglements (aka it’s complicated)

The negotiation of agency and the emergent outcomes produced through such complex entanglements suggest a need for trusting partnerships through which teachers, students and others can collaborate in educational activity. At course level, this may require teachers to embrace uncertainty, imperfection, openness and honesty, and to help students make sense of what is learned during […]

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