“…posthumanism inclines us toward thinking about education as an assemblage, an ‘entanglement’ in which its purpose becomes not one of ‘learning’ but one of the creative ‘gathering’ of the human and non-human…”

“…there are implications here for a view of digital education which sees the human subject of education as being performed or enacted through its interactions with technology, rather than as pre-existing them, or in a relation of dominance over them…”

Bayne, Sian. ‘5 Posthumanism and Research in Digital Education’. The SAGE Handbook of E-Learning Research, by Caroline Haythornthwaite et al., SAGE Publications Ltd, 2016, pp. 82–99. Crossref, doi:10.4135/9781473955011.n5.

In practice…


“…not that automated methods are undesirable – on the contrary, the computational turn in education is both exciting and important – it is rather that the terms on which they are proposed are driven by a productivity-oriented solutionism which has been critiqued for decades now…”

Bayne, Sian. ‘Teacherbot: Interventions in Automated Teaching’. Teaching in Higher Education, vol. 20, no. 4, May 2015, pp. 455–67. Taylor and Francis+NEJM, doi:10.1080/13562517.2015.1020783.

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