Building platforms together

OpenETC: the open ed tech co-op “open education is not limited to just open educational resources. It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues.” ~ Cape Town Open Education Declaration, 2007 A […]

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The Platform University

“The university is being transformed by platform technologies and companies. Although software platforms have been inside HE for years, HE is now moving inside the software platform. In the emerging platform university, more and more HE services are being delegated to software, algorithms, and automation. The business logic of platform capitalism has captured the academy, […]

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A thinly veiled attempt to make you believe we are worth listening to. Anne-Marie Scott Deputy ProvostAthabasca University (2020-present) Deputy Director Learning, Teaching and Web ServicesUniversity of Edinburgh (2002 – 2019) Brian Lamb Director of Learning Technology and InnovationsThompson Rivers University (2012-present) Manager, Emerging Technologies The University of British Columbia (2002 – 2012)

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